Tinley Park October 13-14 : Keepin Up With The Green
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Tinley Park October 13-14

by Alejandro Lozano on 10/04/18

     We will be vending Tinley Park on October 13-14.  Our table will be shared with the very talented artist Emily Burke.  We will have just about everything available from our "Available Animals" section at the show.  Also, just to show what our future projects with Tokay Geckos will look like, we will be bringing at least 6 color morphs to the show!

     Unfortunately, we have not had time to build many enclosures, but still will make every effort to have a few examples of our Terrestrial Tarantula Larges and Arboreal Tarantula cages, the dimensions can be found on the "Custom Glass Caging" link.

     A special thank you goes to Leland Ward, who we are purchasing deli cup displays from at the show.  He is very talented and we highly recommend him for plastic enclosures and deli cup displays!

      It should be an incredible weekend and we're greatly looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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